Well 3 days since posting, nothing extraordinary happening I guess. Checked out the Brunswick Markets on Saturday 7th , these were typical touristy type markets, selling mainly crap from China, quite a few stalls with only 1 selling produce, and not a hippy in sight.
Finished with breakfast in Brunswick and back to the van to veg out. Took the beast to Brunswick beach where we wore her out, dead flat beach as you can see with Cape Byron ( home of Bluesfest, sadly not going this year 16414_792876380750068_7387940682735160298_n10897908_793352447369128_6108012139282052421_n10385301_793351930702513_3426465996801411498_n1797543_793351904035849_993393990916579417_n src=”http://australiaontour.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/10447799_792876454083394_5468519539441473087_n-300×224.jpg” alt=”10447799_792876454083394_5468519539441473087_n” width=”300″ height=”224″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-327″ /> ) one of my favorite places in the back ground.
Tried some fishing plenty of decent bites but the place is lousy with small bream, gave up after an hour and when the kid next to me caught a small fish. Was going to ask if I could have it for live bait but didn’t have the heart.
Sunday 8th hit the beach again this time with togs, water is so clear, Bella again had a ball. We later went to the Brunswick Hotel for a session with a local group Fossil Rock who had a great review, reckon they must have written as they were crap, actually they were average until someone started to sing, the murdered everything that needed vocals. Jimmy Barnes’s Last Train out of Sydney was an abomination and a Fleetwood Mac so destroyed could not work out the tune.
So eagerly awaiting the entertainment in Canberra as our woeful prime minister tries to keep his job, we should know in a few hours. Back to Brisbane today as Marg has a final post op check on her arm and we are then essentially free to head off into the wild blue yonder. Although we may end up with an unscheduled month in NZL to assist my folks into more age appropriate accommodation in the next few months.