Something of a home coming

Marg was born in Mullumbimby so we are always happy to pop into this little Queensland town to have a beer at one of the local taverns and see whats happening. We were attracted today by the local Farmers Market which by all accounts is a thriving little centre of micro commerce. Sadly we felt right out of place as I would say 90% were of a hippy / alternate persuasion and the other 10 wannabees. Back in Mullumbimby itself the alternate culture continued but not as evident, guess being so close to Byron and Nimbim would account for all that. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the laid back stress free happy go lucky atmosphere that goes with all that.
One would have to question what all the people at this market did for a living as they could not all be doing what we are doing, if they were surviving on welfare payments they could not possibly afford the ridiculous prices for the so called “organic” produce every other stall was selling. Like $10 for a kilo of carrots WTF !

shit they are only $1.00 in Aldi, maybe there are some other more lucrative forms of agriculture close by.
Back in town we strolled around and picked up a few supplies and Marg twisted my arm to pop into the Middle Pub so named for obvious reasons to check out the beer and lunch menu. For $15 I had a steak that you would be happy to receive at the Breakfast Creek at 3 x the cost, so as Mullum is only 10 klms away we will be back.