Our gastronomic experiences

As we move around we will be patronising many sports clubs, RSL,s etc maybe even the odd restaurant if the budget permits. Will review our experiences here.

To date we have had some interesting experiences and one that comes to mind was the Moore Park Bowls club near Bundaberg. It was the chefs ( if thats the appropriate description) first night, having apparently worked previously on a fly in fly out site somewhere. The club restaurant had been closed for a little while so this particular evening being the first time it had opened for some weeks was extremely well patronised.

The entire experience was probably one of the worst food / club experiences of my life, it was a wonder that there was not a mass riot from the people who had come for a good time. Rather than revolt or walk out the gathered punters started to treat this like a cabaret act and the comments being passed around the table were hilarious.

The food was beyond appalling.

I did bring it to the managers attention who all he could say was ” she is new, and I think out of her depth”.

Dont let this put you off going as I doubt very much that the “chef” is still employed, other than that the beer and wine was cold and only a short stroll from Moore Park Caravan Park, where we enjoyed a beach front site all very nice and reasonable.

Visited June 2013.