Finally a date

We have decided to commence our travels on the 3rd February and head to Brunswick Heads, a minor diversion into Swift Caravans on the way down for a little tinkering so we hope to be down there by say 3pm, its really not that far. We will be staying at Ferry Reserve where we have stayed before, looking forward to the fishing, kayaking and now Margs arm is healed getting into the water.

This rather abrupt stall in our early travels has however given us the opportunity to re evaluate exactly what we are carrying, the only major item getting either sold or put into our storage locker are the recliner camp chairs, they are to big and cannot be put up easily to a table. We play Scrabble most nights and they simply do not work, despite having only recently purchased it was an easy decision. We are now also only going to travel with the laptop, we had bought the desktop with us, mainly for Marg, but it is only used for social media, and surfing the net so the sony tablet will suffice, and laptop if one gets desperate.

For my part starting to learn to live without the need to go on line as soon as I wake up, its quite a good feeling, strange I know, currently not even carrying my phone around anymore.

Bout time I started to add some photos to these posts, so my next mission.