Final days at Brunswick

Last Days at Brunswick.
Margs dads ashes were placed into the river on the northern side, a gathering of the close family made the journey, it was in the end a light hearted event. Marg had decided she would add to the occasion by making Dons favorite desert “Caramel Tart”, instead of just one standard size we could only get small bite size casings so she had 12 of them to distribute. I actually thought we were meant to eat them but Marg instead cast them into the river to join her Dad. Well I guess the signs please don’t feed the animals does not apply in such circumstances as by the time they had all gone in the river there were literally 100’s of seagulls fighting over them.
So here we are 22nd Feb sitting in our van dodging the rain , the aftermath of cyclone Marsha. It would be fair to say we are over the weather , and the dog to. She insisted on leaving the dry of the van last night and taking her chances under the van. She was a total mess in the morning, and there was simply no way she was coming inside. During a break in the rain a quick walk followed by a wash, I used our very fragrant shower gell in the hope some of the perfume hung around, sadly appears not.
So nothing out of the ordinary in the last 2 weeks here and we cast off Tuesday 24th and head for Minnie Water on the coast about 250 klms south. With some luck the weather will be more settled .