Brunswick to Minnie Water

After a very interesting drive from Brunswick we finally arrived at Minnie Waters. We took one of the secondary routes of the Pacific Highway to avoid going through Grafton. Pleasant enough but definitely the road less travelled. We came upon a sharp right turn and were confronted with the Briner Bridge a 110 year old one lane bridge, the sign said simply one lane bridge, it was a steep rise although the picture does not convey that , and you literally could not see if anything was coming toward you. The bridge was made of timber planks with large bolt fixings, the timber was well worn and shiny and offered no traction so we proceeded slowly with a vehicle behind us. As we approaced the crest we saw a red van with some signage for an organic bakery hurtling toward us but not yet on the bridge. He obviously panicked and went left and right and by now was on the bridge wherin his wheels locked and skidded on the timber bridge in a flash he somehow got his vehicle under control and he slid by us. It turns out both the bridge over the Coldstream Creek and the driver of the red van were well known. The bridge is heritage listed and apparently cannot be touched. Its a death trap.
It would be fair to say the roads on this route were fairly disgusting but finally on the approach road to Minnie Water there was an improvement. Upon arrival at Minnie Water would be fair to say we were less than impressed, as the reviews suggested it does not look much from the outside, sadly once in our alloted spot our opinion had not changed. Basically a permanent site of mainly old and run down makeshift cabin / caravan conversions surrounded by piles of junk as per photos. Afterb uncoupling the van we went to check out the area and ended up in Wooli where I managed to secure a nice spot at the Big 4 and 4 star park, almost at the same $$. We checked out the following day. The most surprising thing here is that the park had good reviews ? are we perhaps a little princess like while we are still nomadic virgins ?. Guess time will tell, we certainly let the Clarence Valley Council know of our feelings who run this place.