Away at last

Damn flat tyre

Damn flat tyre


Along New Brighton Beach

Along New Brighton Beach

Dear all, well finally feel like we have started, now in Brunswick Heads, not that we have not been here a dozen times but there is something about seeing that sign that says New South Wales Border that makes you feel you are actually going somewhere.

As usual our trip was not without some drama, decided I would check our tyre pressures so pulled into Caltex at Deception Bay around 9am , we had checked the joint out previously as not all garages give easy access with a van , especially a monster like ours. I looked in horror at our kerb side wheels to find our front had blown out. The spare was stashed under our bed in the van buried under all our gear, so while I went digging for that got Marg on the phone to RACQ, we have upgraded to platin m a few months ago and changing wheels is part of the service. About an hour later we were on our way and went via a tyre dealer near North Lakes where we used to live where it cost $50 for 2nd wheel  fitted, bargain. The tyre chap guessed that I had in fact clipped the kerb and named the garage without me telling him as he gets regular business from vehicles meeting the same fate, let alone towing a large van Caravan tyres are always thrown away after 5 years service and never wear out, this had near full tread and 3.5 years left so a 2nd hand unit is no biggie.

On the way down we had to call in at Swifts new premises in Loganholme to have a recall modification done to our gas water heater, this diversion took about 90 minutes. Rather amusing the gas installer making the modification said to me can you turn this unit on so I can test it, I said had no clue as always used the electrical side of the system, so the manager / owner of the place was called, he also had no clue so it then became a case of getting the manuals out, for a while it was the blind leading the blind, eventually it worked. Imagine how many of these things this chap must have sold.

We hit Brunswick at around 3.30pm and were allocated a nice spot looking over the river, very nice indeed and the facilities at this place are all brand new, we are here for 3 weeks.

The temperature down here is around 4 deg cooler than Brisbane and last night was near freezing, the Doona will be coming out tonight for sure.

Had a drive around Brunswick and North Shore beaches today, at high tide the surf was spectacular from the north wall due to the swells coming through from cyclone Ola somewhere in the pacific. Waves were easily 5 meters and a few surfers were reveling in the conditions along with a brave soul who towed them out there on a jetski, the occasional wave was making the spectators at the end of the north wall wet with spray.

The Northern Rivers region of NSW is a favorite and our 3 weeks here will be great, we need to decide if we linger sloowly south when we leave  with a view to spending next summer in Tasmania or get back on track and head north, decisions decisions.