At last time to add my first “real time” blog

Well its the 7th January 2015 and we have “sort” of been on the road for a month yet nothing entered into the diary yet. All things considered it is hardly surprising as 4 hours after arriving at Scarborough Holiday Park on the 6th December Marg trips on a golf ball and does a fantastic job of smashing her elbow to pieces. When I say smashing job I mean it they had to order in a contraption called an EFD or external fixation device to use during the surgery the next day . The surgery that was supposed to last 2-3 hours lasted nearly 7 in the end.

This sort of meant a radical re think of our travel plans and some concern for the future as initially there was some discussion about how much use Marg would be left with in her elbow. Nearly a month later there is still some concern but the use of the EFD and Margs attention to detail in doing her exercises will minimize any loss of function, the physio was amazed at just how well Marg was doing only 14 days post surgery.

OK so I became chief cook and bottle washer and we spent the first 18 days at Scarborough and then as planed moved the van outside of Margs Sister in Law for Xmas Eve and Xmas Day, it was stinking hot and the lack of power to use the a/c prompted us to move on for 4 more days until we could return to Scarborough. So we ended up at Esk Caravan Park. The caravan park is nice enough but Esk itself is a no whersville , quaint enough but really nothing here with allot of businesses for sale notably the newsgency and the motel which seemed like a bargain at $499000 which included 8 1 bedroom units plus a 3 bedroom 2 bath house. Perhaps an indication of what is not happening in Esk.

Situated halfway between Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams the country side went from brown to green during our brief stay thanks to the rain that started the day we arrived. Sadly dogs are not allowed anywhere the foreshore of either dam and there were even rangers at Somerset checking people in and out.

Enough grizzling we are now back at Scarborough doing our time waiting for Margs next appointment with the surgeon on the 14th, wherein I hope he says brilliant lets get that damn thing off. In the meantime had our kayak in the water, bit concerned how it would go as it is a tandem but handled just the same. Probably requires more effort as its 5m long whereas most singles are 3.5-4, still look out fish,