Well 3 days since posting, nothing extraordinary happening I guess. Checked out the Brunswick Markets on Saturday 7th , these were typical touristy type markets, selling mainly crap from China, quite a few stalls with only 1 selling produce, and not a hippy in sight. Finished with breakfast in Brunswick and back to the van […]

Something of a home coming

Marg was born in Mullumbimby so we are always happy to pop into this little Queensland town to have a beer at one of the local taverns and see whats happening. We were attracted today by the local Farmers Market which by all accounts is a thriving little centre of micro commerce. Sadly we felt […]

Day 3 in paradise

Took a leisurely stroll with the dog into Brunswick, passed under the bridge from the RV park along the river until we reached the Fisheries Co-oP.  From here was a case of negotiating the no dog signs which are just about everywhere. Interesting that the RV park which is council run accepts dogs, not sure […]

Away at last

Dear all, well finally feel like we have started, now in Brunswick Heads, not that we have not been here a dozen times but there is something about seeing that sign that says New South Wales Border that makes you feel you are actually going somewhere. As usual our trip was not without some drama, […]